Why Adopt a College?

Spreading animal-friendly eating is a numbers game. Don’t dwell on the people you know who won’t change. Instead, go out and leaflet at a college! You’ll do more good in an hour than spending years on many of the people you know.

Even if you have a weekday job, don’t discount taking a long lunch or leafleting in the evening (many colleges still have significant pedestrian traffic in the evening). It can take as little as 30 minutes on the campus to do measurable good. Local community colleges count, too. In fact, they may be even more effective, per booklet given out, than larger universities, as they are more untapped.

Or consider donating to sponsor the literature for someone else to do it for you.

Aren’t Booklets Outdated?

With all the fancy new technological ways to reach people, isn’t it outdated and inefficient to hand out pieces of paper? Here is why the old-fashioned booklet is still a very useful tool:

A Systematic Plan for Animal Liberation

When Vegan Outreach started the Adopt a College (AAC) program, the animal protection movement sorely needed a systematic plan for spreading vegetarianism and achieving animal liberation. Since it started in 2003, the AAC program has expanded to the point that we are now reaching nearly two million students a year.

We know that, on average, students are considerably more open to becoming vegetarian than are non-students. And while many colleges have animal groups, many do not, and some groups are not very active. We cannot afford to let the great opportunity to reach college students pass simply because we are no longer in college. Non-students in the animal protection movement must make it our responsibility to ensure that these young, open minds are reached while the opportunity exists. If every college in the country were leafleted for one hour tomorrow, there would be thousands of new vegetarians overnight!

On almost every day during the school year, multiple leafleters report coming across students who tell them that they are now vegetarian or vegan because they got a booklet from us during a previous visit at their school.

By convincing just a few people every semester, you will be preventing the suffering of thousands of animals over their lifetimes. You will be creating a pocket of change that will likely extend out from those people. As the numbers grow, people who have given up eating animals will be much more likely to be sympathetic towards other animal issues and this will increase political pressure in favor of animal liberation.

To adopt a college, click here.