How to “Adopt a College!”

1. Check Out Colleges in Your Area

Choose your state, province, or region from the search bar on the left side to find nearby colleges. A Google Maps link is at the top of each page for easy navigation!

2. Order Booklets

We recommend ordering our booklets with at least 3 weeks notice.

Vegan Outreach doesn’t sell booklets. We give them to people and they donate as they can afford. But we can only afford to do this because of donations from people who care about animals. If you *can* donate, please do, but if you can’t we will try to provide you with what you can use at colleges. For people without a history of leafleting with us, we start in small amounts for your first few orders and ask for a small donation for your first order to prevent fraud (like $10 for 100 booklets). After you hand those out and report your totals to us (see #4), we can give you more.

Order booklets and donate here!

3. Leaflet!

You may find these pages on Leafleting Tips from the Pros and Legal Questions About Leafleting to be both inspiring and useful!

4. Report Your Totals

After you leaflet, please post your leafleting totals. It helps us a lot when you report your totals–we can raise more funds to pay for our leafleting program and it prevents us from duplicating your efforts.

Click here to join the Yahoo Group or if you prefer not to join the group, please send your leafleting totals in an email to and include:

We will add your totals to the Leafleting Statistics where you can check out our prolific history of reaching students far and wide!

Thank You and Good Luck!


Enrollment and other info for colleges:

Enrollment and other info for high schools: